Algarve Luxury Flat
Algarve Luxury Flat 

Our Service for You:

Included in the price Possible for a fee  
• Sheets
• Towels: 1 x small, big + beach towel
• Washing or washing + drying
• Garden with lawn or / and terrace
• Access to all pools
• Wi-Fi for guests free of charge
• private parking in Rosal
• small items for beach e.g. Sunscreen, water
  ball, bodyboard, air mattress and much

• Airport transfer, e.g. up to 2 persons
   70 € each way
• Busi from 20 € p.P.

• Dog 5  € / day [Casa Blue Horizon 8 €]
  with a minimum of 20 €;
  individual price for long term stays

• Tennis including equipment depending
   on the resort 5-10 € / hour
   (not Monte Carvoeiro)
• Minigolf in the Rosal € 5 p.P.
• additional cleaning:
   MCStudio                 Dourado + Rosall
            30 €                 60 €
   towels  5 € p. 2 persons
   bed linen exchange 10 €  p. 2 persons




This equipment awaits you in our house, apartment or studio


+ Bed linen, dish towels
+ 3 towels per person, 1 x small 1 x large, 1 x beach towel
+ Heating / electricity / garbage disposal
+ Dishwasher (except Monte Carvoeiro Studio)
+ Washing maschine with dryer (MCStudio only washing machine)
+ WiFi - TV and DVD player
+ Parking in front of the building
+ Fridge with freezer
+ Stove, toaster, oven, microwave, coffee maker,
+ Dishes and cutlery, pots, base spices, etc.
+ Initial toilet paper, hand soap, hair dryer
+ Deck chairs also to take away
+ Info and maps for excursions, hikes and much more.
+ small DVD and book library

For families with children:
+ Cot
+ High chair
+ Changing mat and Co.
+ many toys for inside and outside
+ etc.




What is included in the price?
See list above!

Can I arrive earlier than the specified time?
In principle, it is possible in the low season, as long as the apartment / room is available. An earlier arrival is only possible by arrangement.

Are bed linen and towels included in the price?
Yes, the cleaning fee includes linen and 3 towels per person.

What is included in the cleaning fee?
Apart from bed linen and 3 towels per person, the final cleaning of the apartments or houses is included. To be paid separately, however, are stains on carpets, upholstered furniture or beds, which is why we ask you not to enter carpets with street shoes! In the case of necessary special cleaning, the following costs apply:
Mattress cover 30 €, mattress protector 16 €, bed linen 13 €, pillow cover 5 €, duvet 15 €, pillow 13 €, bed sheet 9 €, towel 5 €, carpet cleaning 10/20/40 € small / medium / large; Spot cleaning (sofa, covers ...) Working time 10 € p.hour plus material flat rate of 4 € per unit
Price for necessary new purchase: Bed linen 30 €, pillow cover 10 €, towel 9/16 € small / large
For laundry we charge the replacement value. Other items are calculated in the time value plus 20% for procurement / delivery and labor, at least € 5 each.

What's in the apartment, what do I have to bring or buy?
We provide you with toilet paper and kitchen rags as an initial equipment and we try to provide some spices and dishwashing liquid so that you can arrive comfortably. During your stay you will be responsible for buying nedessars things on your own. If you leave your successor with some spices and detergent, this would be appreciated.

Is there always someone there if I need something?
You will be received personally upon your arrival and you will have a detailed briefing on the apartment and advice on environment and activities. But there is no staff on site continuously. But you can contact your supervisor by phone or SMS at short notice. If you have problems, you can also reach us!

Why do I usually have to pay before I arrive?
This is common practice, also the hotel conditions provide these terms of payment. On the other hand, there is usually a lot going on on arrival days, not everyone who receives you can have an overview of all payments. Unfortunately we were also increasingly confronted with the problem of non-payers, which we exclude by the advance payment now.


Why do I get the deposit back only after my departure?
Only through the cleaning can be determined whether stains go out during normal washing, which of course will not be charged. Hidden defects can not be recognized immediately. Also, the extent of contamination or damage can not be estimated immediately or by the on-site staff. Unfortunately, we often find that carpets are turned around and stains or damaged items are covered, which then turns out during the thorough cleaning only.

Can I wash locally?
There is a washing machine in all apartments. The Monte Dourado Luxury Flat and the house in the Quita Do Rosal also has a washer-dryer which you can use for free at any time.

Is a child or baby cot available and free?
The first cot is always free. If you need more we ask for timely information. If available, the second cot costs 20 € once.

Will I receive a payment confirmation?
If you pay on a payment notice, you can assume that the money has arrived properly with us. If this is not the case, you will receive a demand. We ask for your understanding that we can not send separate payment confirmations on request, as our system will warn only if something DOES NOT work.

Am I welcome with my dog? Which costs arise?
You are welcome with your dog!
[At Casa Blue Horizon please ask with information about the dog.]
Your dog pays the indicated price, which covers a usual mild to average increase in pollution. For a significant pollution that is not eliminated by yourself, we charge the cost. It is prohibited, that dogs lay or or sleep in beds or Sofas! If bed linen is dirty or smelling because of the dog or significantly dog hair on it, the bed linen will be replaced in the interests of our other guests and charged to the dog owner.
If you stay with your dog without notice, a penalty of 100 € additionally to the costs has to be paid!


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